Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sewing Sensory Overload

Help, I am paralyzed by sewing sensory overload. I was nearing completion on two versions of this jacket from the Jan. issue of Burdastyle magazine when I received 5 sewing magazines and two vintage patterns all at once.
The magazines: Jan/Feb Threads which was a bit late, two issues of Stitches, the Jan issues of Studio and the Feb/Mar Vogue Patterns. So many ideas and new patterns, I can't focus.

The patterns for all these dress were in the Jan. issue of Studio, a Russian magazine about pattern drafting, designing and industry clothing construction. I want to make every one of them. They all have design details I have never sewn before.

Then the Vogue Pattern magazine arrived. This magazine has improved so much in the past year. More technique articles, and free patterns. They have even copied shamelessly from BurdaStyle. Vogue now has the line drawings of the garment on the photo page, and has the "styling one garment 4 ways" feature that Burda has. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

This issue has a lot of new patterns I want to buy, right now. Or at least put in my shopping cart on the Vogue pattern web site so the minute the BMV sale is announced, I can send in my order. Of course none of the new patterns are on the Vogue web site yet. It is so frustrating. Here are my favorites.

I love the ladylike sillouete and seaming on this dress.

And the neat released tuck detail at the neckline of this dress. This pattern is for knits. I am thinking of converting the dress to a top by cutting it off at the high hip.

This Donna Karan dress looks like they took one of the her knit crossover dress patterns and converted it for wovens. Interesting but a bit bulky looking.

I love this Donna Karan shirt dress, though I would make it in a lighter weight woven fabric than the one it is shown in.

This Pamela Roland dress is an update of the sleek lines and A line silhouette of my favorite 60's dresses.

I have the perfect silk print fabric for this Vena Cava dress, but I don't think I can carry off a shapeless silhouette like this one. I don't have the shoulders for it.

And my absolute favorite - the jacket in this wardrobe pattern. Interesting sleeves and seaming, open neckline, and pleated peplum. The perfect casual summer jacket.

Anybody have any suggestions how I can calm myself down and prioritize my next sewing projects?


  1. I often have the same dilemma. Too many ideas floating around in my head. Often results in nothing getting done. I usually then pick the one item that I know I can wear as soon as it's made - instant (or not so) gratification. Once focused on one thing, everything else sort of falls into place.

  2. I'm sorry I don't have any real suggestions because they would be the trite things like, pick something...anything and sew it! But with such a treasure trove of goodies, I totally understand your sensory overload. Personally I think Vogue's site is going to meltdown when they finally load the new patterns! *LOL*

    But I had a question, how/where did you subscribe to the Stitches Magazines? I've wanted to get them and can't get them from the Universal newstand anymore. TIA!

  3. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions for how to calm down; I can get myself in the same state with far less provocation.

    I'm so with you on that new Vogue jacket pattern; saw a picture of it on another blog and my brain started spinning! Gotta have it!

  4. I absolutely adore the Donna Karan shirtdress. I would make it in a gun-metal silk duponi that I have in the stash.

  5. That Russian magazine looks great, I love all those dress patterns too. I'm afraid I have no suggestions for you, I am impatiently waiting for the new Vogue patterns to appear on the website too.

  6. Finish one of these nice January jackets. Wear it. You'll be motivated to finish the second. By then you'll be cooled off a bit and you'll be able to focus enough to do something else :-). If only something to match your favorite of the new jackets..

    I agree the wovenization of the DK drapey dress is heinous. Forget that one.

  7. Please tell me where to get the Russian magazine. Never seen that one before! Thanks!

  8. Wow, my taste in the new Vogue patterns is pretty much a match with yours. Do you think small shoulders could carry the Vena Cava dress if shoulder pads were added? I'm asking out of self-interest... :-)

    My latest thing for disciplining myself is to take a snip of the fabric I'm intending for a particular pattern and attach it to the pattern or image. It seems to make it easier to move my attention back to current projects. But good luck with so much all-at-once distraction!

  9. Thanks for V1233
    I absolutely adore this dress

  10. No can't help...but am looking foward to seeing your two versions of the Jan Burda jacket (wink)

  11. Those Russian designs are very interesting and seem very 80s to me with the extended shoulders.

    I often get the same overload too. I think creative minds are always running ahead of themselves. The difference with creative minds is that our creativity is so easily spurred on by the slightest provocation and we want to act on it. Non-creatives don't have this stimulation effect. I say just pick one, any one and get moving, woman!

  12. Thanks for explaining about Studio! I've seen them around online, but didn't know quite what they were.

    And while the new Vogues don't really do much for me, I totally understand the overstimulation that occurs when I end up with all my pattern magazines arriving at once!

  13. You identified one jacket as your "absolute favorite"...I'd start with that one!

  14. I run into that sort of dilemma often! I usually pick my top 3 and whittle it down from there. Whatever can be worn in the current season gets priority, tho.

  15. I think you should immediately make the upper right hand dress (with the accordion sleeves) in the first sheet of line drawings from the Russian magazine because IT IS FABULOUS and you will rock it.

    I have been salivating over that Donna Karan shirtdress since I saw it.

  16. I see your dilemma -- all of those patterns look fantastic! You can't go wrong with any of them. I'm really impressed with the Vogue patterns --- it has been a while since I've looked at those patterns because I've been sewing from Burda, but the details on the designs you are considering are very cool. I especially love that Donna Karan shirtdress!

  17. I love all the vogue dresses also. I think you should take a month or more off from work and get them all done! It is that simple!! :)