Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Tops - Burda 6580

 I was in New York City about three weeks ago for the Weekend.   One of the fun activities at these events is to check out what other attendees are wearing, guess at the pattern and admire their fabric choices and creative touches.  Of course I sewed some new garments for the trip. One was Burda 6580 - a fitted top with side pleats and sleeve options.

This pattern is designed for woven fabrics.  The front is cut on the bias and shaped using pleats on one side of the waist.  The back has a shaped center back seam and darts. Because the top is fitted, the pattern notion list includes a 16 inch zipper which is to be sewn in on the side seam. Also because this is a fitted top, I strongly recommend your compare your measurements with the fitted garment measurements ( including sleeves)  and choose a size with desired/appropriate wearing ease.

I made both versions shown on the pattern front starting with View B,  which is tunic length and has a asymmetrical hem. My fabric was a novelty woven polyester print with text like “Fashion Vic” & “Bag” and pictures of models faces. It came from Hancock Fabrics. I felt it was appropriate for wearing in a  fashion center like NYC.

Burda 6580 View B

Burda 6580

The top was easy to sew.   One thing I do want to mention. The great thing about the Burda envelope patterns is they include 5/8 in seam allowances,  unlike the BurdaStyle magazine patterns.  Burda envelope pattern instructions are mostly text, which I tend not  to read unless it is for a tricky construction step. So I was a bit puzzled when I went to sew the neckline binding to the garment with a 5/8 inch seam allowance,  and there would not be enough binding to turn to the wrong sider. Reading the instructions, I found that you were supposed to trim the neck line seam allowance from 5/8 to 3/8 inch,  and then sew the binding to the garment with 3/8 seam allowance.   Disaster averted!

 I did not use the tie that is shown on the pleat for this view.  And I did not put in a zipper because I can easily pull the top over my head, shoulders and chest.  However my shoulders and chest are on the small side.  I chose contrasting black mesh fabric for the sleeves. I shortened the sleeve to elbow length and tapered the sleeve to be close fitting to my arm. It was my first time sewing this kind of mesh fabric.  I used the serger on all the seams, but I was also able to hem the sleeves with a straight stitch with no problem.  I was sewing the top late the night before the trip, and did not have enough time to rethread my cover stich machine with coordinating thread.

PR Weekend NY 2017
The weather is NYC was so cool I wore a sweater over all my clothes the whole weekend. But when the train arrived back in Richmond VA, the doors opened to our typical hot, humidity laden air. Welcome home. 

A week later I made the  southern sleeveless version, view A, out of a  cross woven red and  white cotton fabric.  I did include the little bow on the pleat for this version.  . 

Burda 65800 View A

Burda 6580

I am really pleased with this pattern .   It is quick and easy to sew fitted top, that can be made from a woven fabric.   I have so many blouse weight woven fabrics  in my stash and it is nice to have an alternative to traditional shirt patterns for those fabrics.