Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lazy, No! Hazy, Yes!, Crazy, Yes!

Where are those  lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?  Lazy is not the kind of summer I am having. The end of school  tests, concerts  and picnics seemed to go on forever. School finally  ended  a week ago.  Then I found out I was going to be a

Eldest son was accepted to James Madison University after spending a year at a local community college.  So we are trying to line up an apartment and get him signed up for classes several months behind the regular schedule for everybody else.   We did find  a sublet and he had a meeting with his advisor last week. 

Hubby has vowed to have, fresh from the vine, tomatoes and peppers  this summer. No matter what it takes.  So he has built the ultimate tomato cage.  So they won’t escape.
Ultimate Tomato Cage

  Just kidding. It is to protect the vegetables from the squirrels and deer.  The neighbor leaned on the fence and watched him build it. And suggested if it did not work for its intended purpose, it could be used to raise chickens.  I implemented a backup plan and signed up with The Farm Table. A program that delivers boxes of fresh vegetables and fruit, from local farms, to my home every week.

As to sewing , I was looking for summer styling ideas for red pants and I saw this picture of a sheer black with white polka dot blouse worn with a red skirt.

 Once the idea of a sheer polka dot blouse was planted in my head, I saw them everywhere on the
 on the Internet, and in recent issues of pattern magazines.  Ms. Stylebook June 1012 issue, BurdaStyle May 2012 - blouse 134,  and Patrones  Issue 315.  There were black polka dots on white backgrounds,
Black polka dots on white
and white  polka dots on black backgrounds. They were shown worn with red pants, white pants, jeans, white shorts, black pants, turquoise pants. They were worn as an over blouses, tucked in and tied at the waist. I was inspired by what I saw.

White Polka dots on Black

Though I would have preferred silk, when I spotted (pun intended) some polka dotted poly chiffon in Hancock’s for a very reasonable price, I bought it. I chose Burda 7351 blouse pattern to keep the style rather conservative with such a distinctive fabric.  The shoulder yoke and back and front bodice gathers is sort of a retro look.  The shirttail hem  of view B allows it to be tucked in, worn out or tied at the waist.
Burda 7351

The pattern instructions are okay, not wonderful. There are pictures for some steps.  I like lots of pictures. Things I did that were not in the instructions -  I used French seams to clean finish the side seams and I lined the yoke. I used black silk organza for the collar interfacing.  I did not use interfacing in the front placket as instructed.    The buttons are concealed under a turned back layer of the front placket.  Each placket is 4 layers. Not too stiff when buttoned up, in the light chiffon fabric. But if I were making this blouse of a heavier fabric I might make the under placket two layers only   I did use additional interfacing under the button holes when I made them. There are three buttons and the top one is a bit far from the top. I plan to wear a camisole under the blouse, so that did not bother me.  The sleeves are slim fitting. Not uncomfortable, but not as loose as I would have preferred. Sleeve tightness is not a problem I usually have, so I didn't check the sleeve width before cutting.
Burda 7351 front

Burda 7351 back

Burda 7351 closeup

As Over blouse
With Red Pants

Just having fun. A Chicas Pin Up, I am not!
  Quick, to get that last picture out of your mind, here is another top.

 I admired it in a catalog one morning and later that day found similar fabric at the store.  Another poly chiffon.  The inspiration top fabric was a mesh knit.  I used New Look pattern 6025.

New Look 6025

Wide necklines can be a disaster on me. With a thin neck and small shoulders, they look bad and tend to fall off my shoulders. So I always check them using my sloper and generally make them smaller and in proportion with my body. On View D, I moved the neck opening in toward the neck 1 inch on the shoulder seam, and shortened the V neckline by 1 inch too. I added a casing for elastic using vintage rayon seam binding. I have a friend that is active in a Baltimore area quilt guild. She always thinks of me when sewing notions like this show up on the give away table. Thanks Urs!

Rayon Seam Binding
Seam binding used for elastic casing
This pattern is definitely a quick and easy sew. Sorry no picture of it on me.  I have reached my limit on posing outside in the humidity and warm temps today. 

New Look 6025