Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Free Pattern Makes

 When I am having trouble deciding what to sew next, online sewing contests and challenges  can provide inspiration. It is usually the  item to be sewn and the completion date that attracts me.  Prizes, which are typically patterns and fabric, are not motivators as I have more patterns and fabrics than I will ever use in my lifetime.  

In March, it was the Instagram  #SewFrugal23 Challenge. The  objective was to sew something using a free pattern  and  fabric from your stash.  I spent many  hours scouring the internet for free PDF patterns.  I have a Google Translate extension on my internet browser that automatically translates foreign language sites to English.   I found some  Russian, Japanese, Brazilian (Portuguese) and German sites (that were almost like pattern databases) with many free patterns. The vast majority of free patterns are for  basic t shirts, tanks, gathered skirts and  baggy pants.  While I understand the appeal of these garment to beginning sewists,  I look for a  garment pattern that is  interesting or different.  

Here are the patterns I made in March.

The Patchwork Pullover   from the Bernette website.   It is a raglan sleeve top with a front yoke area that can be used for patchwork.  I made the top in a black wool knit and the patchwork in silk jacquard tie remnants that I bought as a bundle many years ago.  I love the fit of the top in the shoulder and sleeve area.  The instructions are brief. Do pay attention to the cutting and assembly of the patchwork area. All the pieces are different shapes. Not the standard right triangles as I originally  assumed.

Bernette Patchwork Pullover

Bernette Patchwork Pullover

Next item was the Carmen Blouse Amber  a free E Book (PDF pattern) from Scnittmuster Berlin    It is a  raglan style blouse with a gathered neckline that can be worn off the shoulder.  I compared my sloper to the pattern and added 1 “ to the top of the sleeves and neckline so it rode higher on my shoulders, I can pull it off my shoulders and wear it that way too.  The fabric I used  a pale green eyelet fabric from the ASG giveaway table.  I thought the finished blouse was a bit boring, so I hand sewed  flower shaped sequins and beads around the neck to give it some sparkle.  

Schnittmuster-Berlin Carmen Blouse

Carmen Blouse Amber

Garment 3 was the    frau-maerz-dress-sewing-pattern/ from Hemmers Itex, a German fabric manufacturer.  The dress pattern is modeled by and features fabric designed by,  Andrea Maerz, a well known content creator in the German-speaking world for sewing, DIY and fashion.  I follow her on Instagram.  She is near in age, though a bit younger, than me. I love her style and she makes many garments using Burda patterns. 

Frau Maerz Dress

While I like the neckline and front packet of the dress, it was too voluminous for me and my figure.  I will straighten the side seams and cut it shorter to make a tunic.  The fabric is a silk print from Fabric Mart Fabrics from the stash.
Frau Maerz Dress

Garment 4 is a denim jacket from German designer Mathias Ackerman. Is is a free download associated with  the 3/2020 issue of  Bernina Inspirations Magazine Mathias Ackermann Denim Jacket   There are no sewing instructions available either online or in the magazine.  Based on comments on the German  Bernina website,  the pattern was offered in preparation for jacket sewing class with Ackerman  at the Bernina  Creative Center, but the class was canceled because of Covid.    It has exaggerated pocket flaps,  a oval yoke  and large fold back cuffs on the sleeves.  I made it in a soft 7 oz. garment weight denim  from JoAnn Fabrics. Finding buttons for this jacket took a while and is why this post is in May. 

Matthias Ackerman Denim Jacket
Mathias Ackerman Denim Jacket

Ackerman Denim Jacket  smelling the jasmine