Tuesday, October 24, 2023

My current life in Blouses

 I have always worn separates; blouses, pants, sweaters and jackets.  When I was working in the corporate world,  I sewed a lot of silk blouses. This summer  I sewed three shirts/blouses , and thinking about them,  I had to smile at how they reflect the clothing needs and activities of my current lifestyle.

All three blouses are sewn from  BurdaStyle magazine patterns.  The first one is an old pattern that I traced many years ago  but never made. From the  April  2004 issue , shirt 121.  The unique feature of this blouse is that  it has detachable sleeves.

Burda 04 2004 121 blouse with detachable sleeves

 Why did I make a detachable sleeve blouse?  So, I would have a versatile garment to pack for vacation trips. I  wear it with sleeves as an over blouse.  An extra layer in cool weather,  or as protection  from the sun or biting bugs.  And without the  sleeves in hot weather.  

Any  blouse pattern or jacket can be adapted for removable sleeves using the  method of this pattern .  Add a facing to the bodice sleeve opening for a clean  finish and support. In this model it is sewn to the outside. Add a flange, in same shape as the bodice sleeve facing,  to the sleeve armhole edge. Sew buttons on the flange and matching buttonholes  around the faced bodice armhole opening. And voila a detachable sleeve. 

Detachable Sleeve

These show up occasionally in fashion and  in recent BurdaStyle magazine     Jacket 111 | 04/18

This blouse pattern, from  2004, was oversized by today’s fit styles.  I removed about 1 inch  in shoulder width and several inches in circumference  and it is still big. The fabric was a cotton plaid shirting from my stash.  It served its purpose well on a weeklong fishing vacation to Lake Murray in South Carolina.  We didn’t catch much from the dock ( probably cause Sis and I were making too much noise) but pulled in enough perch for several nights’ dinner while out on the  boat. 

Burda 4 2004 121


Blouse  number 2 is Burda 9 2023  125  A fitted style with bust darts and vertical darts in the back. 

Burda 9 2023 shirt 125

 I recently gave a presentation to my ASG group on the “common fabrics recommended on the back of patterns”. When I was creating the sample packs containing all the fabric types, I could not find any cotton sateen in my stash.  A perfect excuse for some fabric shopping.  I found a cotton sateen printed with  pink hearts, wine bottles and glasses at FabricMartFabrics.com.  I loved the print, and it made the  perfect shirt to wear to a recent Wine and Oyster festival.  We live relatively close to Chesapeake Bay and several tidal rivers where oysters are raised.  It is fun to sample the wines from local vineyards and eat oysters in many forms;  raw, grilled, fried, or stewed.  The blouse looked perfect accessorized by my “wine bra” (what the men in my family call a wine glass holder lanyard, sigh! I am surrounded by males). 

roasted oysters with peppers and cheese

Third blouse  was  Dress 110 | Burda Style 05/23.  The dress top ends at the hip and has a flounce skirt.  I liked the fitted style of the  top, all the darts and a back yoke and  shaped back seam.  It was the same style as two RTW shirts I still wear frequently.  I added a shirttail hem and  made it as a blouse.

Burda 05 23 110 dress as shirt

The fabric is a shirting cotton  print of cocktails on a black background. also from FabricMartFabrics.  I love a black based print. So easy to wear with black trousers or jeans,  and a brightly colored sweater or accessories.  A close look at the print revealed it is holiday themed.  The drinks are accented with fir branches, candy cane stir sticks and the straws are topped with elf hats. So fun! I added a  contrast stripe fabric for the inner collar band and yoke lining and  red, flat piping at the yoke seams.  It will be perfect to wear to my sister’s retirement party that will be held at her local VFW (Veterans for Foreign Wars) Post, so um.. super casual, and end of year holiday parties with my sewing buddies or the retiree social group.

Based on the  themed print fabrics I am attracted to now, I am so afraid that when I get grandkids,  I will be the one wearing  a T shirt embroidered with "Bubba's Memaw" Guess I will wait and see.