Monday, January 25, 2010

Burda Blouse Blitz - #2

Another well worn blouse in my wardrobe is a mauve silk jacquard.

I wear it with a mauve/black/grey tweed jacket and dark grey pants, or with a grey collarless jacket with matching grey pants. Both combo’s are a bit color blocky and need jewelry or scarves to liven them up. When I found this quirky silk print of magnifying glasses in the same color way, I couldn’t resist.
Unfortunately I only purchased 2 yards instead of the typical 2.5 yards for a blouse. I have no clue why I did that though I suspect it was because I must have been trying to balance the guilt of buying more fabric, with finding fabric I just had to have. I was barely able to eke out all the pieces of BWOF 10-2005-102, a fitted blouse with French darts, hidden button placket, and tie neckline.

In hindsight, the drapey silk fabric was probably not the best choice for this style. Both versions of the blouse in the magazine were made in a shirting fabric. The long dart with slightly bias cut edges is better suited for firmer fabric.The front hidden placket, with its many precise folds, was a bit of a chore because of the soft, shifty nature of the silk fabric. I was getting quite frustrated until I decided to liberally apply spray starch to the front bodice pieces. This stiffened the fabric just enough to make the folding, pressing, and top stitching a breeze. I machine wash all my silk blouse fabrics prior to cutting so the finished garment is washable. I rinsed the starch out after finishing the blouse. I used silk organza as interfacing in front placket and cuffs. I am happy with the way the blouse looks with both jackets.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Burda Blouse Blitz - #1

Welcome 2010! Is it really mid Jan already? An update on the panda hat. T. loved it and sent me a picture of her wearing it.

Isn’t she cute? My DS the elder (17) met her at summer church camp several years ago. Surprisingly they have kept in touch and try to get together frequently. Ever since he got his driver’s license over a year ago, he has asked repeatedly about driving the 90 miles of highly trafficked roads to her house on his own. After talking to her parents and agreeing on some guidelines for visits, we got him a GPS for Christmas and tempered our parental anxiety long enough to let him make his first trip New Years Eve day. Thankfully, it was uneventful. DS is a good driver, but I worried he would encounter some of the idiot drivers I know are out there, and not have the experience to react safely.

Over my holiday break I spent time looking through nearly 10 years of old Burda magazines. I was looking for all the Burda blouse patterns I liked, but never had time to sew. I desperately needed some new blouses.

I have had the same dress code for work and relatively the same body shape and weight for many years, so I have garments in my wardrobe that are 10 to 15 years old and… I can still wear them. That doesn't mean I should. Specifically blouses. Some of my favorites were purchased in the early 90’s. They are favorites because they are made of beautiful fabrics like silk matelesse or iridescent cross woven’s in colors that still coordinate with many of my jackets. But they are so “out of style”. They have extended shoulders meant to be worn with shoulder pads, a loose fit in the torso, and breast pockets with flaps. I removed the shoulder pads long ago so you can imagine the look; droopy shoulders and lots of loose fabric around the waist when tucked into pants or skirt. As long as they are worn under a jacket, no one suspects. But I really need to wear blouses that are fit to be seen. I have personal global warming episodes when I need to remove my jacket to regulate my temperature. So I have been collecting fabrics in similar colors to the old blouses, in preparation for sewing replacements blouses. Here is the first of three I have completed so far.

BWOF 3-2009-112 collared V neck blouse with gathers along the neckline

I made mine in olive silk shantung to replace a olive silk matalesse blouse. The sewing was very straight forward. Here is the old blouse I am replacing.

Here is my new blouse,

I have a new coordinating jacket planned, but until it is done here are some of the RTW coordinates I will wear it with.

More to come on the other two blouses soon.