Sunday, November 26, 2023

Cu Metallic Jacket


Sewing friends, that have gone fabric shopping with me know that I am attracted to unusual, unique fabrics.  When  I say, “Look at this  great fabric”.  They graciously reply “That is interesting.  or  laugh and say, “That is so you!”  

The first time I saw the fabric below on the site,  I drooled, but didn't buy it.  A couple weeks later, when there was a site wide sale,  I gave in and  bought 1.5 yards.

This is a soft,  coarsely woven fabric  that is coated with a copper-colored metallic plastic on one side.  Because the weave is so coarse, not all the fibers are covered, making the metallic coating  look like it is weathered and  flaking.   The non glazed side of the fabric, looks like a woven black coating.

 I chose the pattern below because the fabric requirements were close to my yardage, and the solid side of the fabric could be used for the center lapel section to break up the expanse of shiny fabric.  The black strapping trim on the sleeves added additional contrast and vertical lines.

 There are lots of makes and comments on this jacket on the  site.  The Burda Russian site is where I go to see Burda patterns on real people. I use the Chrome browser Google Translate extension  to automatically translate all kinds of foreign language sites to English.  On the site  you can look at specific  patterns and any makes by selecting  "Magazines" in the top ribbon. select the year of the magazine and the issue.  Select "Look inside" eye icon  on the issue picture and scroll to the pattern model. Click on model picture to open. Scroll to bottom of page to see pictures and comments of people who have sewn the garment.

The fabric was easy to sew, on either side.  Pressing seams was a No No as it melted the copper coating and caused it to lose shine.  So, seams were topstitched if possible,  or tacked in place with hand stitching.  Hem edges were controlled or flattened a bit  by using a pick stitch sewn on the inside near the edge with no see through on the outside.   This is a technique used by couture sewist  Susan Kalje.  Threads Mag - Pick Stitch Video

  While I was sewing this jacket  I realized it has been  4 or 5 years since I had  sewn a tailored jacket with linings and lapels, collar stands, etc.   I thoroughly enjoyed the process of sewing this jacket. 

Burda 12 2019 111

It is a unique, memorable garment and would probably look really stunning on someone with auburn or brown hair. But  I like it a lot.