Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Pieces

In the past week, which included a 5 day weekend of two carried over 2006 vacation days and 1 holiday, I was able to complete the topstitching on the reversible jacket, a lined skirt and a blouse. The skirt is Vogue 8207, made from a drapy polyester woven, lined with Bemberg. Easy to sew pattern, but hemming the very curved lower edge of the skirt was not fun. I would use a separate bias cut facing to hem the skirt if I were doing it again.

The blouse is Vogue 8118, another easy to sew pattern. It would have been even easier if I had not chosen to make it in a silk print twill which slipped and slid all over the place. Still it went quickly and fits well.
The picture is the blouse and skirt on Verite, my packing tape dress form. She is my body double with all my glorious asymmetrical uniqueness.

I also cut out and sewed roughly 80% of Vogue 2761, an Issey Miyake blouse, in a gorgeous iridescent rose gold silk dupianni . The fabric was a light weight, inferior quality (slubs, lot of color stripes ) 2 yard piece from JoAnne's, that I bought because the color went well with my SWAP. I threw it in the wash and it crinkled up in a neat texture. That is what made me think of the IM pattern. Problem was the pattern required 3 yards, so I high-tailed it back to the store, on a sale day which I typically avoid like the plague, and bought another two yards of what I swear was the same bolt of fabric. I had cut the front and back of the garment out of the fabric purchased originally. I cut the sleeves out of the newly purchased fabric. After completing all the intricate pleating on the front &back of the blouse, I went to sew the sleeves on. Awk! The color is slightly off. Enough so that my color challenged DH noticed. I love, love how this blouse looked. A round of the fabric and home decorating stores turned up similar colors of the silk fabric, but not the same weight and texture. I am seriously considering starting from scratch using the correct amount of fabric.

One completed top has major fitting issues. It is made out of light weight wool knit and lace. It hangs off my shoulders a good 1.5 inches and is large in the bust area. I made my normal size and checked the pattern measurements against my ease preferences. I have found a similiar BWOF top that I plan to use as a comparison. I need to be in the right mood to do alterations and I am not in that mood right now. I love the sleeves and wool makes it very cozy feeling.

I am taking a break from the swap this weekend. On Friday night I got a bunch of the new Vogue patterns. I ordered them 10 days ago using the 60% off card in the Vogue Pattern magazine. The patterns just got posted on the web site this past Wed. and the new pattern books still aren't in the local stores. Mail order is the fasted way to get them and they always have my size. Last night after dinner, I cut out the new Issey Miyake jacket in a blue wool. I also cut Vogue 8260 - jacket out of a printed paisley velvet. I got the jacket and lining sewed up to the point of attaching the collar before I went to bed. I had expected all kinds of problem sewing velvet, creeping layers, etc. but non occured. Knock on Wood! This is a TNT pattern so it will go together fast.

I posted more pictures of my SWAP garments, modeled by Verite and myself, on the Yahoo Photo. See link in list on right.

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  1. Wow! You are doing a great job on your swap and it looks like you've got some super looking patterns as well. You must be a sewing maniac. I love blouses, but they are always very time consuming for me. On your dupioni blouse, is there any way you can add some detail in another part of the blouse such as binding, trim, applique, or design that will make the color variation look intentional? I would do that before I start all over. I'm sure you'll figure it out because you've got some great looking garments!