Sunday, January 28, 2007

Issey Mistake

After a busy week, I decided to resolve the issue of no fabric for the partially finished SWAP blouse It is Vogue 2761, a 2002 OOP pattern for a loose fitting top with front and back tucks gathered at neck and waist. I hung the sleeves, cut out of the "almost the same color", fabric against the blouse and decided I could not use them. I then dug out every scrap of the original fabric I could find and proceeded to figure out how to piece together 2 sleeves. I think I can get 3/4 length sleeves if I splice some pieces in the under arm area. I feel better now that I have made that decision.
The name of the posting is what my father called the designer when he saw my 65 year old mother, cavorting in the harem pants and tunic top made from Vogue 1328., and threatening to wear the outfit to the grocery store in the small Maryland, eastern shore town where they live. Think watermen and chicken farms. It makes me smile remembering the incident


  1. Hey, Audrey! Just found your blog today and checked out all of your SWAP photos on Yahoo. What a fantastic wardrobe! I like all of it but really, really love the stripe blouse. What a great pattern for a stripe! Hope you are bringing it all to Guild Saturday - then my program will not have to be so long!! LOL!

  2. Great to find a sewist blog with Miyake topic!! Love the color you chose for the top. Is it a silk dupioni? Look forward to a follow-up post. :)

  3. My late mom used to call it Itsa Mistake until she became one of the converted. My mom and your dad were on the same wavelength