Saturday, January 1, 2022

Bye Bye 2021


Bye Bye  2021.  You were better than 2020, but still not wonderful. Here's hoping that 2022 is the best!  It is going to be a busy year. We have rescheduled a sailing cruise of the Amalfi coast.  Fingers crossed it happens. It was  originally scheduled in 2020 for  my little sister's 60th birthday.  It will be her retirement cruise now.  And I will be the mother of  the groom at a Sept. wedding.  I may sew my dress, I may not.  

December sewing has always been outfits for holiday events, using wonderful, luxurious fabrics  featuring sparkle and glitz.   I don't have as many events  being retired now, and because of Covid.  We searched out things to do so that we could get my 85 year old mother out of the house. She complains of not going anywhere, "But Mom, we aren't going anywhere either." We went to our first  opera. Mom's comment was "One opera in a lifetime is enough".  But I enjoyed it.  Simple phrases like "I'm dying!" sound so much better in Italian. We attended a performance of the Nutcracker ballet. which is a family holiday tradition, and a Neil Simon play at local venue.  The  holiday event outfits were a bit more  casual this year, but I could not give up the glitter.  

Green metallic jacquard blouse and dark green gabardine pants. Sewn from vintage Burda Style patterns.

Burda  12 2014 117 and 1 2011 134

My New Years Eve outfit  was the vest and tunic from  Cutting Line Designs Artist in Motions pattern.

The vest fabric is a  cream colored mesh with gold sequins.   It was a bit of a challenge to sew.  I used freezer paper, cut to the pattern, to stabilize the  armhole and neck  while machine basting the trim in place.  I tore the paper off along the basting stitches and serged the trim in place.  I know there is probably an iron on/rinse away stabilizer designed for machine embroidery that would have been easier to use, but I wanted to use what I had on hand. The tunic is a off white silk from my stash. Pants are a tapered leg,  elastic waist style in wool gabardine  from an old Vogue pattern. I couldn't find my Cutting Line  Designs One Seam pant pattern that would have been perfect for this outfit.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Your "champagne outfit" is divine. I am craving a bit of sparkle about right now as well. We have major covid infection in or family since Christmas so no socializing anywhere any time. I wish you a safe and healthy New Year. Beautiful outfits!

  2. You look super glam. Love the sparkly vest. It's perfect. And the shiny blouse. Beautiful. I think 2022 will be a good year. All the best with your plans.
    Vancouver Barbara

  3. As always it's great to see your creations! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh that vest is beautiful. All your sewing is perfect! How I miss going to the Opera! Covid is keeping things low-key here in this part of the world.

  5. Wow! You look spectacular! I bet others just stopped and looked at you walked by.

    Louise Cutting
    Cutting Line

  6. You look fabulous and those are fabulous projects.

  7. Where could I get fabric like that to make the vest?

  8. I found the fabric on a remnant table in January 2014 at JoAnn'e Fabrics. I suspect it was a Holiday Fabric. I very rarely see fabric like this.