Tuesday, June 29, 2021

SW Whistles Shirt

My latest make is the Sewing Workshop Pattern Whistles Shirt.

 The Whistles shirt is the one in the lower left  in the above picture, with the long tapered ( whistles) flanges.  The fabric is painterly panels from Noelle Phares  printed on cotton fabric. 

Noelle Phares panel print

This shirt made in Ms. Phares's panels was the the featured garment for the May Sew Confident club. A subscription service that provides kits,, instructional videos, etc. to paying members. I am not a member of the club and already had the pattern so I went out to Noelle Phares's Etsy shop and bought 4 panels that were different than the ones offered in the kits. It was a fun exercise to lay out the pattern on the panels so that the blocks of color were pleasing  in the finished shirt.  This pattern is basically a boxy shirt with extended shoulders and the different flanges.  The pattern envelope suggested a size medium for my body measurements. I made a  size small because I do not like massive ease ( 6 inches  for a size medium) in any garments I wear, even oversize ones.  

SW Whistles shirt front

SW Whistles Shirt Back


  1. How fun! I bet you had as much fun making this as you will wearing it. For me sometimes the design process is the most fun part of a project. I am an art quilter so I do love playing with fabrics, colors and mixing prints. Bet your top would look great with some taupe pants to dress it up.

  2. Beautiful top. Wow, 4 panels! I love challenges like these and you really worked the fabric design beautifully.

  3. Oh wow love your shirt great pattern placement. Good advice about the sizing thanks. I have one of the TSW kits still unmade because whilst I am drawn to the Whistles design I don't like shirts - will figure it out eventually. Seeing you shirt is getting the brain whirring again and the creative juices flowing. Thanks for the inspiration.