Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Feb BurdaStyle Duo

I loved the Feb issue of Burdastyle.  It had so many styles that appealed to me.  These two were perfect for an upcoming vacation.

The blouse is cropped in front, and longer in back.  The pants have deep waist pleats, panel seams on the legs and welt pockets.  I used a silk print  ( Anna Sui, FMF, I think) from deep in the stash for the top and a lightweight wool gabardine with a lot of drape for the pants.

"Wow it's windy" Copy the Magazine pose
pocket detail BurdaStyle 106 pants
The BurdaStyle instructions for the welt pocket were really difficult to understand, but what really surprised me is that none of my sewing books (and I have many) had any information on making this type of pocket, with a single vertical welt .  Neither did online sources.  An ancient issue of Threads magazine saved me.  There were detailed instructions in Issue 75, from 1998, in an article called Pant Pattern Upgrade  - Use menswear techniques to improve the comfort, appearance, and quality of any basic pants pattern, by the late Mary Ellen Flury.  I  extended the top of the pocket pieces, as suggested by the article, so that they were caught in the  waistband seam to prevent sagging and pulling.
Threads Issue 75 -Pant Pattern Upgrade

This is a fun and comfortable outfit to wear. The pant legs are a voluminous and taper quite a bit at the hem. There is a dart up the center back leg, starting at the hemline, in addition to the seaming on the front legs.The hemline is so tapered, it is finished with a facing rather than a turned up hem. A friend calls them my "baggy pants".

The vacation was in AZ,  where it is a felony to steal or kill the state's iconic saguaros cactuses.  In this case the Airbnb owners built around it. And we were very careful when driving the car into the garage.


  1. Perfect vacation pieces! I love the design lines of the pants.

  2. I love the look of those pants, they look so comfortable to wear. The fabric colour and print for your top is perfect.

  3. Fabulous outfit! your choice of fabrics is perfect; the shapes, colors, print, drape, fibers. It all screams relaxed vacay in the sun. My favorite is the blouse, the shape is modern and the print you used is wonderful. Sigh, I’m jealous now, perhaps more so because living in Europe i know we are heading for some weeks of travel restrictions, so no sunny vacations for a while... thanks for sharing!

  4. great outfit, that shirt didn't appeal to me seeing the magazine, but your version looks great, I think I will try it :)

  5. Nice outfit. Love the soft colours. Very 80's feel to those pants.

  6. I love the outfit! I really took to this top pattern (and the more exaggerated version too!) I may have to add it to my spring list!

  7. Great outfit. Makes me want to try the top especially. Thanks for the “happy” post! By the way, that Saguaro is probably a couple hundred years old. The house looks to have been built in the 50s, and the original owner probably bought it 1/2 x 1/3 it current height. Totally in the wrong place, sadly, it already looks sickly and dying. Area is totally impermeable to water, and the base is the plant is so crowded. I live outside of Phoenix, and am a master gardener. Sadly, we see photos like this all the time. A plant in stress always makes me sad!

    1. Appreciate your comment. I wondered how old the cactus was. It was in the Sam Hughes neighborhood, one of the oldest in Tucson, near the Univ of AZ campus. Sad to hear it is ailing. We also saw a crested Saguaro on the campus. Love the size and variety of these cactuses. No two are alike.

  8. Thank you for your comments on these two patterns. I also love both of them and it was great to see both made up. And thank you for the link to the Threads article. If I make the pants--and I very well might--I'll be sure to use the article.