Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 A New Year

"Why, Audrey what is that you are wearing?"  My new Atacac stripe body stocking. Thanks for asking. Doesn't it fit beautifully? And the stripes disguise any body flaws. "But where ever to you wear it?"  Oh you know,  creative photography sessions, or to  perform  improv dances. And I sewed it myself!

 The pattern is  available from Atacac as a  downloadable PDF,  either free or  for a contribution of 10 euro.  For a pattern as unique as this, I felt it was worth the donation.  This body stocking was designed to support the  PhD thesis "Kinetic Garment Construction" of one of the Atacac founders. The thesis is available on the site and makes for interesting reading. As well as the Atacac business model and manufacturing philosophy.  Check it out.

Back to the pattern.  There are no directions and the pattern only comes in one  size.  A size 3. It is a bit short in the torso for me. I suspect it would best  fit a body with the dimensions below and a height of  5'6" - 5'7"

The pattern is very unique looking

Atacac Body Stocking pattern

I purchased  3 yards of 60 wide cotton/lycra knit from  I was disappointed the stripes on this rather expensive fabric were printed rather than knitted, fearing sloppy stripe printing would cause major matching issues.  The printing was accurate. Any matching issues was mine.

Some piecing was required because of the odd pattern shape and I didn’t feel like spending time to see if there was a “no piecing required” layout. My  joints can only take so much crawling around on the floor, which is where I had to do the pattern layout and cutting.

One side of pattern

There are points around the pattern labeled with letters.  These points are used for putting the pattern together.  Mark every one of the matching points,  with letters. They are critical, as the fabric wraps and twists around both the legs and arms in a very non intuitive way.

Recommended Sewing Directions
  1. Sew the neck dart and the back head dart on each side piece.
  2. Sew the leg seam on each side piece. The foot has some weird tight curves. Use those match points!
  3. Sew hand /arm seam on each side piece.   I hand basted the 1 mm seams allowance on the fingers before sewing on the machine. There was no way I would have been able to successfully sew the small seam allowances in small curved areas, in a stretch knit,  without the basting.  Another option is to rough cut around the hands leaving fabric between fingers. Mark the seams around the fingers on the hands, sew around the fingers on seam line, and trim fabric from between fingers.
  4. Sew the zipper(s) in the back seam.  The website description on the purchased  body stocking says" the body stocking  is closed with a invisible  zipper running across the head and down the seam at the back. Since I had trouble sourcing an invisible longer that 36". I used two invisible zippers in the back seam; a 9 inch and a 26 inch. They both start at the same point at the back neck , the shorter zipper opens towards the head and the longer one towards the crotch.   I inserted them in the back seam at this point  in the sewing, to make the insertion and stripe matching easier.
  5. Open the zippers and sew the seam from the top of the head, where the short zipper ends, down the front and under the crotch to the point where the longer zipper ends.
Voila, Put it on and startle your spouse and pets.

Reality - I need help to get it on. It is also a bit difficult to see through the fabric.

  I have several other Atacac patterns in the queue. Stay tuned.


  1. Totally intriguing! It looks great and your reality comment made me giggle! All the best for 2020. Angela

  2. Brilliant!
    (& fascinating pattern shape.)

  3. what???! I didn't believe it was you until I read through the post. weird and interesting.

  4. Scary stuff! Must be fascinating to sew a back head dart ;) Happy New Year!

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! What an interesting project and I also thought the first image was a stock photo until reading! LOL!

  6. That is one of the wildest things I've ever seen sewn. You've really gone to the next level with this one, Audrey! It's mesmerizing.

  7. I thought we had skipped ahead a few months to April. Congratulations on the stripe matching they look awesome in the photos. A truly amazing thing to sew but how did you not go cross eyed. Can I expect to see you later this month at the World Buskers Festival?

    1. Well I had to look up busker, but yes the body stocking would be perfect for that. It provides the anonymity, someone like me would need to perform in public. Atacac also suggests making one in rainbow stripes to wear to gay pride events.

  8. Amazing! I had fun looking at the patterns available on their site, and am really impressed you sewed this complex pattern!

  9. That's so cool, & funny & amazing 🤩

  10. Hilarious post to read. I hope you find many opportunities to wear this amazing garmnet!

  11. This is actually amazing! - I was looking at some of their other patterns and wondered if I should try them out. Can't wait to see the others you make!

  12. This is so much fun!
    I was looking at some of their other patterns. (finding men's modern patterns is so hard D:).
    Would love to see how you go with the other patterns from this website!

  13. How very strange and fabulous. Can't wait to see what you make from this new to me company.