Sunday, October 20, 2019

Diamond Dress - Burda 8 2019 109

In the last year, Burdastyle magazine  has featured several variations of one piece dresses with V necklines and longer flared skirts. I don’t recall ever wearing a dress of this style,  but it looked like a good option for work dressing on a rushed morning.

 To test the water,  I chose  what I thought was the easiest to sew version, Dress 109 from the August 2019 issue.  This dress is in tall sizes 72-88. I am an inch shorter than Burda's tall height but I haven’t found this to be a problem.   The bodice is seamed to the skirt about 1.25 inches above the natural waist. I made an 82 on top 84 below waist.

Dress description:  “Exact cuffs, inlaid pleats along the shoulder ( not in the pattern I traced from magazine )and a moderate V-neckline … the cut of this dress with the bias skirt panel looks good on paper, though the real power of the style is in the wonderfully printed crêpe in electric blue and black.”

The fabric I chose for my wearable muslin was an inexpensive  polyester crepe.

  The little diamonds were printed on the diagonal. Because the  skirt is cut on the bias, the  diamonds end up in horizontal and vertical lines on the skirt.  Probably no one but a sewist would notice, but I didn’t care for it, especially over the tummy. Why didn’t I realize that would happen before cutting?  Because I was at a sewing retreat when I was cutting this dress out and was doing more talking that paying attention to what I was doing.

I like the style and fit on me, however my choice of fabrics resulted in a rather sober, dark dress.

The dress definitely needs a belt to accent the waist and breakup the expanse of black. For fun I purchased a coordinating belt bag to copy the styling in the magazine picture.  It actually proved to be quite useful as well as decorative.  During my normal work day, I attend many meetings in different parts of a very large building.  I always carry  my laptop, wireless mouse, phone, and a pen. Often juggling the last three items or putting them in various garment pockets.  The belt bag was great for neatly carrying them all in one place.

BurdaStyle 8 2019 109

I am thinking of making this dress again but in a lovely print wool challis.


  1. This is so pretty! I have been going through my collection recently looking for a nice basic V-neck dress. May have to add this to my list.

  2. It looks good, definitely worth making again!

  3. This definitely doesn't look like a muslin. I love it

  4. It's a really pretty dress. I've been eyeing up that fabric too, actually, so it's nice to see it made up. I really like the pop of color from the belt bag.

  5. Would you share with us your fabric source. I'm looking for online since all I have is a Joann's.

    1. The screen shot is from online store. I also saw this same fabric at another online fabric retailer, but can't recall the name.

  6. This looks great, especially with the belt bag!

    I have been looking for a pattern similar to this. How do you get into it? I can't see a zip on the line drawing.

  7. There is a zipper in the side seam.

  8. Very nice! the pink belt bag is the perfect piece to go with it.

  9. Wool challis would be great for this drapey dress. Pity about the skirt print on the bias, it does look better on the straight grain. Still looks like a keeper as there are days when a more sober dress is needed with or without a pop of pink.

  10. It looks awesome as is! Enjoy wearing it, nobody will notice the print... just keep smiling :)
    The fabric has a beautiful drape and it really makes the dress!

  11. This is pretty and I'm so glad the bag helped and I can just imagine that it will be stunning in a wool challis!

  12. The belt/bag is the perfect compliment to an amazing dress!