Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not a New Look for me

I have seen the question "What is the inspiration for your next sewing project?" posted on blogs. 

It varies for me. Sometime the inspiration for my next sewing project is the piece of fabric lying on the top of the  nearest pile.  Is this the  LIFO (last in first out) inventory method? Probably not when that piece  recently came from the depths of my stash.

  Our ASG group recently did some community sewing. Duffle bags for foster children  with the local chapter of  Catholic Charities. A group of teenage boys.  So the bags had to be in boy type fabrics. I dug deep into my stash of denims and cotton twills, from the pre lycra era, and pulled out a large piece of sueded, dusty purple colored cotton.  It yielded a couple  of duffle bags, but there was still a big piece left over. On its way back to the depths of my stash it happened to take a rest stop  by a piece of  rayon gauze print. An unfamiliar fabric in non typical colors. A "Why did I order this?" Internet purchase. But they coordinated. So I decided to make a jacket out of the cotton and a top out of the gauze.  I wanted to make a short jacket to go over a longer top. Like the multi layer, cascading look of this HP pattern, which I order, printed, taped together, compared to my sloper and decided the required alterations were not worth the effort.

 I chose New Look 6633 for the jacket because it had simple neckline and princess seams for fitting.    I created facings instead of lining it to the edge and did channel stitching around the front and sleeve edges.
I chose New Look 6213 for the top  because it was long and had the drapey tie in the front.  I decided to make view A with the flutter, cut out shoulder sleeves because the cold shoulder fad is quite big now in RTW.

New Look 6213
New Look 6213

My final feelings on this combo.


Stiff cotton fabrics do not make flattering jackets.
One piece sleeves is stiff cotton fabrics quickly start to look like corrugated pipes.
Donate all old cotton denims and cotton twills to charity !

New Look jacket 6633


Rayon guaze is interesting fabric. light weight but stiff, easy to sew.
Dusty purple and pale pink are not my colors.
The cutout shoulder flutter sleeves

New Look 6213 view A
New Look 6213  - cold shoulder


  1. I am NOT a fan of the cold shoulder look AT ALL! Can those sleeves be removed? Then the top would be lovely...unless of course you don't like it because of the colors too?! I'm sorry about the jacket especially since you put so much work into it.

  2. Audrey, I love it when someone tries something that is out of their usual comfort zone (either pattern or fabric or colour wise) and it just doesn't work out for them - because they've give it a go! I try something outside of my "normal" every now and then - sometimes it is great, often it's a fail. It's still worth doing.

  3. I think the jacket and top look lovely together. Perhaps it was the light, but I thought those colors looked great on you.

    No, not really a fan of the cold shoulder look either. But I definitely think the combo of the short jacket & the flowing top under it is really nice.

  4. So sorry that this jacket and top don't work for you. I love the color of the jacket and understand how the fabric would not work, been there/done it. I like the cold shoulder look when I see it on others, not sure how it will look on me especially with older shoulders. I think your top looks good and maybe it is the color that is not working, maybe a darker color would work. I have made some wadders recently and the best you can do is move on. Goodwill is getting some items I have made and surely someone will find something that works for them. I also just commented on another blog that you do learn something from wadders.

  5. A lot of work for the thumbs down, but agree cotton/drill is no good for jackets and the cold shoulder top, as Carolyn said if you can remove the sleeves it is a pretty top.

  6. I like the combo too, of course I can't feel the jacket stiffness. Will washing it help? I like the top, I think you could cut new sleeves or leave them off all together. I really like the top on you and maybe darker bottom would help.

  7. I am so glad to read that someone else makes items that "don't work"! Sometimes it actually takes a few times wearing the darn thing to come to this realization, but in the end, if it just doesn't feel right for some unexplained reason, off it goes to donations. Someone out there is bound to like it. I used to feel as though I'd wasted time and fabric - now I like to think of it as a learning experience and a way of adding better quality clothing to the charity shop inventory. Funny how this usually happens when I use fabric that I've "inherited", or picked up just because it was at an incredible price - never when I use fabric that I truly fell in love with.

  8. Agree with others on getting rid of those sleeves! Shame about the jacket. Live and learn I suppose.

  9. I like the current cold shoulder trend and I like it on you. It's just a look we are not used to seeing on you and I think you are uncomfortable wearing the look and if that's the case, move it on. But I like it on you.

    As far as the jacket, I think it is the wrong style for the look envisioned and a more layer-y, less constructed softer look would have worked better. But I wouldn't move it on just yet. I think it could work with a crisp white shirt, tucked into white jeans, collar turned up, big necklace, etc. I applaud your sewing efforts which are always wonderful. In the end, though, if its not making us happy, let it make someone else happy.

  10. Well beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder! I think you look lovely! The top you could consider it as having "one cold shoulder top" in your wardrobe, just because you can. Try pairing it with a white pair of pants or capris with a shoe in a soft fun color, perhaps ballet pink. The jacket might be more appealing to you with that same ensemble. I think the colors, though not your favorites, blend nicely with your beautiful hair. Sometimes the accessories make the outfit. You do such beautiful work, so IMHO, I would try to make it work. Your decision!

  11. interesting post as these items look great in photos but I know what you mean about a fabric that is not soft enough is just not right for most garments. I love that jacket pattern, I've made it a few times for someone else. and the blouse is so pretty (although I also am not a fan of the cold shoulder look) I hope you revisit these colors as they are great on you.

  12. Not sure why you think the jacket is unflattering - maybe it doesn't feel right, but it certainly looks good. I agree with Caroline re the "cold shoulder" look (unless you are under 25!!) but it does look great worn under the jacket.

  13. The pieces look great on your dress form and in the side on photos but then I noticed the furrows and I think that would bother me too. I do like your choice of patterns and hope to see you make them again in some other fabric more to your liking.