Monday, November 4, 2013

Challenge 7 - Mixed Prints

My tunic won Challenge 6.  Amazing!  Thank so much to all of you that have voted for me and left encouraging comments.  This challenge is wiping me out.  There are some days I am so tired of sewing or even thinking about sewing. DH is being very understanding and supportive,  so I took a break to spend some time with him this weekend.

Challenge 7 is mixed prints

Mixed prints are a recent fashion trend. This challenge was to make an outfit of mixed prints and come up with a story on where you would wear it.  This was an excuse to delve into my fabric stash and look at the print fabrics in a whole new way. I usually store fabric by fabric content or by color schemes (great for SWAP planning). I pulled  all the prints out these storage bins and piled them on the table looking for interesting and unique pairings. It was a real challenge.

Prints can be mixed on one garment like a dress of coat or you can wear separates, each in a different print. 
Regarding  print separates, one style blog commented that  mixing prints  was scary,  but pointed out that once you get a handle on it and start creating combo’s you have never tried before, your wardrobe combinations and permutations increase exponentially,   you can get dressed faster and you will impress your fashion friends effortlessly. Well, I appreciate her positive spin on it.

I chose to go with the separates option so I can also wear the garments in more sedate pairing with other items in my wardrobe.  My comfort zone is mixing small scale prints, in the same color way. This is a holdover from my quilting days.  I  decided to push my comfort zone a bit in the print scale dept.  But at my age,  a motley mixed print combo  combined with a bad hair day can come perilously close to "Bag Lady" look.  So I made the garment silhouettes fitted and classic and the prints current and modern. So the outfit would look deliberately fashiony,  if you know what I mean.

Here are the prints I chose.


 I made three garments. Which garment from which fabric?


  Pamela’s Pattern   - The Magic Pencil Skirt,

  Vogue 8262  OOP

Burda 7073
Pamela's pattern Magic Pencil Skirt
Burda 7073

vogue 8262

Where am I going to wear this outfit?
Where am I going to wear this outfit?  The Visual Art Studio (VAS) Patrons Preview later this month.  I have taken many classes at the VAS over the years. Rug hooking, stained glass, shibori dying, and several in pattern drafting and design. My DH and I also make charitable donations to this organization, which are matched by both our employers. This bumps us up to the patron category that gets invited to art sale  previews, events that attract an eclectic crowd who dress in unique garments  and jewelry. I will probably be one of the more conservative dressed attendees. But maybe I will find some fabulous jewelry, just when someone would appreciate a holiday gift suggestion for me.


The last challenge was announced.  3 pieces that can be worn together as one outfit or two outfits.

Argg, didn't I just sew that.  So tired.........


  1. Very nice ensemble, Audrey! You got a lot done, especially as you spent time with DH over the weekend!

    I hear you on the exhaustion. But the end is in sight!

  2. That is a great outfit - I particularly like the jacket - that will be very versatile, and the skirt is just so much fun! A great all round combination!

  3. I have been really impressed with both your choices of how to approach the challenges, and of your obvious level of sewing skills. Your work is beautiful and highly wearable! Bravo!!

  4. A lot of work in this outfit! Good luck, almost all done :)

  5. Go, Go!! You can do it!!
    (waving my pom-poms)
    Fab mix of patterns.

  6. Very nice outfit. I particularly like the skirt with the blouse, but I hear you on the 'Didn't I just make that'. It's a pity you don't know the whole agenda from the start!

  7. Wow! Three versatile pieces. They all look great . Good luck getting through to the next challenge. It should be no problem.

  8. All that sewing sounds hard going....but, you are ending up with a fabulous wardrobe! Hang in there!

  9. I love these fabrics and the prints... the floral is so juicy! You've been doing such beautiful work from day 1! P.S. You have such a nice collection of shoes, you are always wearing such nice ones :)

  10. ohhhh, nice ensemble Audrey. And, you can use each piece in so many ways. Love it.

  11. This outfit is fabulous!!!! I love the way the skirt and the top go together. I'm glad to hear you're going to wear it.

  12. Congratulations, once again, Audrey! I loved your tunic...beautiful and unique...I hope to be able to see it soon!

    Love your mixed print offering...keep on keeping on, and thanks to DH for all the support. :)

  13. Oh wow, that pencil skirt is fantastic. That is some really special fabric. I love it!