Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Whew! All the gifts are wrapped including two pairs of these boxer shorts which I finished sewing this morning. The pattern was Kwik Sew 7672 and it is fairly easy. It took me about two and a half hours to make both pairs. But I have made the pattern before. Now the recipients can be fan-tastic down to their skivvies. In addition to what they typically wear when watching a game which is the jersey of a favorite player and goofy hats with black and gold fleece dread locks. All the while waving their “terrible towels”. I am usually sewing at the other end of the house during these football games. But I can usually tell how the game is going by the cheers and groans. Since both pairs of shorts are the same size, I stamped the name of one recipient on the inside waistband of one pair in permanent ink. Otherwise neither owner will claim owning the dirty pair laying on the bathroom floor, but they will both claim the clean pair in the laundry basket. While making these, I got to use the new Gingher dressmaking scissors which were an early Christmas gift from my MIL. They make cutting a pleasure. They also made me realize how dull my regular sewing scissors are. I really need to be more conscientious about getting my sewing scissors sharpened every year. It is time for me to relax with some mulled wine and listen to holiday music. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!