Friday, October 24, 2008

Small Thrills

Some of my sewn garments were professionally photographed yesterday. It was totally unplanned. The company was updating it “Employee Pictorial Archive”, the collection of employee photos used in company brochures or booklets, typically published around subjects like Diversity, Key Values, Benefits, or Work/Life Balance. A very persuasive co-worker was trolling the offices looking for volunteers. Evidently the email solicitation effort wasn’t successful. And I, thinking it was the regular company photographer said yes. I didn’t even check hair and makeup. Rounding the corner and seeing two unfamiliar photographers and two assistants slowed my steps, but I figured what the heck, if the pictures are crummy, they won’t use them. Ha, Ha, my husband laughed later, as he told me about one of his coworkers, whose unflattering picture had appeared in every company brochure in the past 5 years. I was dressed “business casual” because I was in the factory, having presented to the Factory Management team earlier in the morning. I had on a wine suede jacket sewn from Vogue Pattern 2679 back in 2007 for an ASG meeting presentation I gave on sewing leather; a black turtleneck and the black wool tick weave pants with the pleather yoke made from Vogue Pattern 2987.

They had me pose leaning casually on the balcony railing, both smiling at the camera and staring pensively off in the distance. All the time they were enthusing about the quality of the light coming through the 3 story glass wall opposite the balcony. I was just hoping it was flattering to middle aged features. Then they had me in the same pose holding a folder with the company logo. Like I’d just read something profound and was pondering the implications. Perhaps decreasing sales and possible workforce reductions? Which is actually happening here. No, No! Happy thoughts please, no furrowed brows. Then they did close-ups of my hands and the folder. Fortunately my nails were clean and all the same length. Those who know me know that I am very much an introvert. Doing this kind of thing takes an enormous amount of physical and mental effort in order to overcome my inherent reclusive tendencies. Sometimes I do things to that require me to get out of my comfort zone, but it has to happen impulsively like this did, or I over think it and retreat. All in all it was fun. And I hope they are kind when choosing pictures for the next company brochure.


  1. i love the jacket and pants esp. the leather on the waist!

  2. Well, the photographers knew what they were doing, choosing you wearing that great outfit. So, the promo literature for your company will show real people wearing what they really wear to work...what a concept! (You did them proud.)