Monday, December 11, 2006


I think I know why many of the 2006 SWAP participants chose to make a coat as the jacket requirement. A coat is worn over all the tops and you don’t have t o worry about “collar compatibility” between the tops and the coat like you do for a jacket. I eliminated my first choice of a tweed Chanel type jacket because of the collar issue and with a tweed jacket, the tops have to be solid colors or prints of a certain scale and pattern density to look good. Maybe I am being too anal and matchy, matchy. I live in central VA and my coats get worn about twice a year. So making a coat would be wasted effort.

My 2007 SWAP jacket is solid colored and collarless so the tops can be solids, textures or prints and varied styles of collars, shirt; collar, turtleneck, scooped, cowl, boat neck. The jacket pattern is a TNT Vogue 7796. It fits me well and has slimming vertical lines. It is unlined, but I think I could make it reversible by lining it in another color print or textured fabric. I could even use contrasting bands on the reverse side for a different look. It will be made of a reddish brown worsted wool. On a quick trip to Hancock’s to pick up thread last week, I found a imitation leather in the exact same color. I prefer real leather but I bought some just in case I wanted to use it for trim or an accent on pockets, collars, etc.

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