Monday, September 3, 2007

Sewing 70's style

I finished the Vogue Paris Original pattern 2227, 1970's Pierre Balmain dress. It fit well without any alterations and was fairly easy to make. I wish I had made it in linen or wool double knit, instead of the poly cotton double knit. I just don't care for the synthetic knit blends. The neck and arm holes were just as snug as I thought they would be. The armholes don't bother me, no worries about undergarments showing, but I did lower the front neckline just a hair. I am going to transfer the neckline and armholes to my fitting sloper, since they fit so great.

I actually had more fun styling the dress to match the Versace dress mentioned in the previous post. I decided to buy a pair of above the elbow leather gloves like the ones in the picture, because I plan to make a couple of 3/4 length sleeve jackets for fall that I would wear the gloves with (in the car driving to work and walking into the office building). Could I find a pair leather gloves in VA in August? Heck no. The major dept. stores have not received their" winter leather goods" yet and even the online stores show delivery as late Sept, so I had to use the stretch lycra gloves used for Halloween dress up. Hubby and I were giggling hysterically as we walked around the yard looking for a suitable photo backdrop....the basketball hoop, the mini van, hoping the neighbors weren't home from church yet. We also shocked the sons, especially the 15 year old. The look on his face was priceless. "Hey bud, don't assume your parents are old, stodgy and predictable."


  1. Your dress is fabulous. I really love the shape and the colour on you - very flattering!

  2. I love the second pic with the accessories. You could be on the Vogue pattern envelope.

  3. Gorgeous! And the accessories are great!